Coronation St's Paula Lane: 'Viewers will be worried for Kylie!'

Coronation Street's Paula Lane has revealed that Kylie Platt will fear for her own safety when her plan to trick Callum Logan backfires.

Kylie decides to set a trap for bad boy Callum (Sean Ward) and expose her ex's villainous ways to girlfriend Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) after he propositioned her, but things don't work out to plan.

Callum (Sean Ward) threatens Kylie (Paula Lane) on Coronation Street

Callum (Sean Ward) threatens Kylie (Paula Lane) (ITV)

"David and Kylie really want Callum out of their lives but it turns out that Callum's got a little twist for Kylie and he propositions her. She's fuming when she hears this," the actress explained on the ITV soap’s official website.

"Callum's the best when it comes to being so rude and ignorant and he's a bully, and he knows how to play people so he denies all knowledge that he propositioned Kylie to Sarah."

Kylie tries to trick Callum (ITV)

Kylie tries to trick Callum (ITV)

Paula continued: "Enough is enough for Kylie, so that’s it. Callum's got to go one way or another. The plan is, she's going to trick Callum into thinking she actually wants him now and her and David are forever finished. At the same time, David's going to get Sarah to catch Callum with Kylie.

"It goes horribly wrong because David can't get hold of Sarah. Kylie puts the moves on Callum, who kind of believes it at the beginning but because she’s a bit shifty, he susses her plan and then it becomes really dark."

Kylie fears for her life (ITV)

Kylie fears for her life (ITV)

The 29-year-old star said: "I think the viewers are going to be quite worried about Kylie's safety at one point. Kylie's in danger."

Paula, who returned to Corrie in March after giving birth to son Arthur on December 31, said she has enjoyed being thrown into this intense storyline.

Gorgeous long walk today, summer is just around the corner!

— Paula_Lane (@lane_paula) April 2, 2015

"Being back at work and being involved in the Callum storyline was like I'd never been away," she said.

"I stepped off the roller-coaster and I’m straight back on it. But it’s great – it's quite thrilling and it's quite different. It's a lot of drama."

The episode will be shown on ITV on Friday, July 10.

Meanwhile, more than 5.5 million viewers tuned in to watch Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) being arrested by police on July 3.

Tracy was arrested by cops (ITV)

Tracy was arrested by cops (ITV)

Her arrest came after Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) tipped off the authorities about dodgy dealings at the second hand shop.

Coronation Street continues weeknights on ITV.

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