Corrie’s Samia Ghadie: Maria sleeps with Aidan – and wants to do it again!

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Maria Connor ends up in bed with Aidan, the cousin of her late husband Liam, in Corrie... And she'd like seconds!

Corrie’s Maria Connor cheats on new fiance Luke – and keeps it in the family by two-timing him with Aidan, Samia Ghadie tells Soaplife

How does Maria end up in bed with Aidan? “Maria has had a row with Luke [Dean Fagan]. Then Aidan comes round to see Maria, they have a few drinks, get chatting and realise that they’ve got lots to talk about. He tells her she’s funny, beautiful and is generally very charming and they end up sleeping together!”

How does Maria feel afterwards? “She knows she’s done wrong, but doesn’t exactly regret it! She realises that she would never have slept with Aidan [Shayne Ward] if she were truly in love with Luke. He’s a nice lad, but he’s a lot younger than her and they’re constantly bickering.”

Does she really like Aidan? “Yes – more than she ever realised. The next day she sees him in the street and she’s smiling, thinking, ‘Is he going to suggest we do it again?’ But he doesn’t. He tells her it was a massive mistake and that they can’t let Eva [Catherine Tyldesley] know. Maria feels like a bit of a fool then, like he has used her.”

But she still dumps Luke, doesn’t she? “She knows there’s no future in them. He is absolutely gutted because he feels like it’s come out of nowhere. They were engaged and talking about dates for the wedding, but Maria’s thrown him this curve ball.”

Will Maria tell Eva about what happened with Aidan? “I don’t know. Aidan keeps telling her that they can’t tell Eva, and because she likes him, she says she won’t. But Eva is really annoying her. When Eva knows that Maria and Luke have split up, she’s in Maria’s face, going on about her relationship with Aidan. Personally, I’d love her to tell Eva, but I do think that Maria would be quite scared there’d be a fight.”

Should Maria get back with Luke or chase Aidan? “She should just stick with being on her own for a while. I don’t think Luke is the guy for her, but I don’t think Aidan will be, either. Liam [Rob James-Collier] was the love of her life and she’s never really found anyone who matches up to him.”

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