Corrie's Alison King reveals Carla's reaction when Tracy admits SHE was the firestarter

Carla’s at rock bottom when she takes Tracy for a drive, Coronation Street’s Alison King tells Soaplife. Then she finds out that she didn’t kill Kal and Maddie - Tracy did!

Carla Connor’s life has been unravelling ever since that fire in her flat that left Kal [Jimi Mistry (opens in new tab)] and Maddie [Amy Kelly (opens in new tab)] dead. Her gambling addiction has nearly cost her the factory and she’s drinking way too much.

“She really is at the end of the line when Tracy approaches Carla, who’s sitting drunk in her car,” Alison (opens in new tab) tells Soaplife. “And Carla insists on taking Tracy on a little drive...”

Where does Carla drive to?

“The edge of a quarry. She’s planning on jumping and killing herself. She’s hit rock bottom and can’t face her demons any more.”

Is this what makes Tracy confess?

“Yes - and Carla can’t believe what she’s hearing. She genuinely thought she was responsible for the fire. It’s a huge weight off her shoulders, but she’s so angry with Tracy [Kate Ford (opens in new tab)].”

We bet! And they fight, don’t they?

“It’s very dramatic - it’s back to where Carla almost died after the minibus crash and Tracy saved her life. There’s lots of dramatic irony.”

We know Tracy’s arrested. Does Carla report her?

“Carla’s very aware of how Tracy’s arrest over this would affect both Ken [William Roache (opens in new tab)] and Amy [Elle Mulvaney (opens in new tab)]. It would be the easiest thing in the world to tell people but, of course, Tracy could deny it all…” 

Will Carla get her life back on track now?

“This revelation makes a massive difference and even if, ultimately, people don't believe Tracy did it, Carla now knows she didn’t and that’s what matters.”

Coronation Street (opens in new tab), ITV.