Corrie’s Bruno Langley: 'Sean feels completely betrayed by Billy and Todd'

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(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Todd Grimsawh is in trouble when his secret affair with Billy is revealed in Corrie

Todd Grimshaw and Billy’s secret affair in Corrie is finally out in the open when Sean comes across them getting up close and personal. Bruno Langley tells Soaplife how the drama unfolds…

How is the secret exposed? “At Kylie’s funeral, Todd and David [Jack P Shepherd] fight because Todd believes David killed Callum. Then, after the fight, Sean [Antony Cotton] sees the affection and love between Billy and Todd when they are comforting each other, and he puts two and two together… ”

How does Sean react? “He reacts the way most people would – with shock, anger, denial, then depression.”

How does Todd feel? “Sean’s like family and Todd’s realised how important family is in recent months. He was anxious about being with Billy [Daniel Brocklebank] because of what it would do to Sean. He’s tried to persuade Billy to tell Sean, but stuff kept getting in the way.”

What happens next? “Sean becomes angry with Eileen [Sue Cleaver] because he thinks she was in on it and therefore not on his side. Sean feels completely betrayed and he says he can’t live under the same roof as Todd. He says Eileen has to choose who she wants living with her.

Wow! “Eileen’s in an awful predicament. At the end of the day, though, Todd is her son and Sean realises he’s going to have to move out. ”

Is Billy ‘the one’? “Billy’s the first person Todd has been serious about in a really long time, and we’ve seen them grow closer and closer as time has gone on. It would make sense for something to grow between them and develop. That desire for it to go well is definitely genuine.”

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