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‘Craig Tinker is close to a breakdown!’ says Coronation Street’s Colson Smith

Craig Tinker is close to a breakdown! says Coronation Street’s Colson Smith
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Coronation Street star Colson Smith has revealed that rookie copper Craig Tinker’s OCD is about to get completely out of control.

Trainee policeman Craig Tinker has put himself on the line for Bethany more than once over the last few years but the latest incident will push Craig over the edge, actor Colson Smith has told Soaplife.

What’s the story?

Stress seems to make Craig’s OCD worse and this week he is really struggling. He puts his future in the police force on the line to warn Bethany Platt that sex offender ex-cop Neil Clifton may appeal against his conviction despite the trouble it could cause.

“Everything’s getting on top of him and he has to let it out so he goes straight to the Platts’ and tells Bethany, not considering the consequences until later,” actor Colson Smith has confessed.

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Colson Smith’s interview with Soaplife about Craig Tinker...

Soaplife: Craig gets in trouble, doesn’t he?

Colson Smith: “Yes. He’s told to take time off because he’s too emotionally involved. This hits Craig hard. There’s a battle in his head between Bethany and the police, and which he wants more.”

S: And this exacerbates the OCD?

CS: “Definitely. Craig becomes even more frantic in his rituals. The police then call round to ask questions about Andy Carver, who lived at the flat, and it’s the worst possible time for Craig. Everything’s getting on top of him.”

S: Does he realise what he’s doing is unusual?

CS: “Kind of but it’s also his ‘normal’ and the more normal he can make it, the more normal it becomes. He’s got this on-going battle with needing to do his rituals but not knowing why. He’s just convinced the rituals will make everything OK. He’s close to a breakdown. He’s saved by Bethany who bursts into the flat.”

S: What happens next?

CS: “He consults a doctor who confirms it could well be OCD. At first, Craig feels worse than ever but then, when OCD is explained to him, he’s relieved. He’s got an illness and can get help. Bethany then speaks to his boss on Craig’s behalf, to try and explain why he did what he did.”

S: What’s Craig’s reaction?

CS: “He immediately worries. He doesn’t want excuses made for him. He’s also concerned that everyone at work will be laughing at him. This is Craig catastrophising everything. He’s anxious about everything and immediately thinks the worst. It’s another symptom of OCD.”

S: How are you finding playing this storyline after working alongside MIND?

CS: “It’s a really tough but I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in the process, meeting sufferers and the charities who have supported the development of the storyline. It’s such an important issue to highlight.”

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