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David Platt set to make ‘big mistake’ as he sleeps with Audrey’s trainee

Jack P Shepherd on David Platt rape storyline: ‘It will make a difference to David, knowing he isn’t Josh’s only victim’
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

David Platt to bed newcomer Emma

David Platt will make one of the biggest mistakes of his life in the coming weeks when he goes to bed with a young trainee hairdresser in Coronation Street.

After his rape ordeal and his split from Shona Ramsey, David will be seen becoming drawn to Audrey Roberts’ new trainee Emma (played by Alexandra Mardell) and the pair end up sleeping together.

Talking about the explosive plotline, Corrie boss Kate Oates told “When he meets this young newcomer, it’s almost like he’s trying to find a way to hide in plain sight. In his mind, he feels that he has to prove his manhood.

“By this point, he has finished things with Shona and she is completely bewildered over what has gone wrong between.”

Kate added that David soon comes to see bedding Emma as "one of his big mistakes".

The character of Emma isn't the only newcomer to the Street. Kate told us that Emma will be followed by another new character called Kayla, played by Mollie Winnard.

"Kayla will be working in Speed Dial (Zeedan Nazir's new restaurant)," revealed Kate. "She's going to be causing trouble for Bethany and Craig..."

Coronation Street continues on ITV tonight at 8.30pm.