David Platt flips out completely!

David Platt flips out completely!
David Platt flips out completely!

Coronation Street's Jack P Shephard reveals that David breaks down, confesses everything... and begs to go to prison! How does David confess he pushed Gail down the stairs?

"Gail gives him one last chance to own up and David finally cracks. He tells his mum he didn’t mean to hurt her, he was just angry. And as soon as it’s said, he feels relief... and utter shame." So much so that he then gives her the phone and begs her to ring the police!

"He tells Gail he needs to pay for what he’s done but she says she will never have him prosecuted. He’s in a right state, full of anger and self-loathing and decides that if she won’t call the police he’ll make it happen." And boy does he know how. He runs from the house to Kevin’s garage and grabs a heavy tool and...

"Smashes four cars, three houses and a phone box. He headbutts a woman, goes for Ken Barlow and assaults a police officer. It’s quite a spree and David is left emotionally drained by it." He’s also left very nicked. But Jack insists it’s what David wants...

"He confesses everything he’s done to the police – he admits he meant to hit the policeman and that he did push his mum downstairs. Then after he’s charged and released on bail he goes home and confesses to Gail all the evil things he’s done in the past – the suicide stunt, setting up Sarah, the lot. It’s actually a huge relief to get it all off his chest.I think he can finally see what a twisted mental case he’s become." And does Gail finally see it too?

"He thinks his mum will have to throw him out once she’s heard everything, but she doesn’t. He thinks, 'What’s wrong with her. Is there nothing I can say that will make her snap?'" Instead a stunned Gail asks David why he hates her so much.

"David tells her he always felt he had to do bad things to get her attention. He always believed she cared more about Sarah. Martin was the person who sorted David out and when he went off, David was a bit lost. He tells her he’s sorry for everything and that he loves her." But remorse can’t save him from prison now can it?

"He doesn’t want to be saved. He tells Jason he’s become scared about what he’s capable of and hopes prison can help him... that he’ll come out a changed person... He refuses a solicitor and pleads guilty on all counts. David is determined to go to prison..."

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