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Corrie fans want Tracy and Carla to bond over their kidney failures

Corrie fans want Tracy Barlow and Carla to bond over their kidney failures

Tracy suffered kidney failure when she was younger

Coronation Street fans are hoping that Carla Connor and Tracy Barlow will bond over their kidney troubles.

On learning about Carla (Alison King) in the Rovers, Tracy looked visibly shocked as it reminded her - and many viewers - of her own kidney failure when she was younger after she took an ecstasy tablet in a nightclub. Her then-stepfather Samir Rachid’s kidney was transplanted. Tracy's kidney storyline last came up in a major way in 2016 when she collapsed in the ginnel.

"Even Tracy must have some sympathy this time having also had a kidney transplant," wrote one viewer.

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One fan said: "Well that bothered Tracy. Clearly her own history with kidney disease allows her to feel sympathy for Carla now."

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Viewers would like to see the pair bonding, with one writing: "I swear if Corrie waste the opportunity to have Carla and Tracy bond over kidney failure I'll riot."

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Another had earlier commented: "I really hope this Carla storyline ends with her bonding with Tracy over their shared kidney deficiency."

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Aidan has agreed to be Carla's kidney donor and actor Shayne Ward, who plays him, commented: "Time to save my sister. Love my Connor family".

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See what happens with Tracy Barlow and Carla Connor as Coronation Street continues on Friday.