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Will David discover Shona Ramsey’s killer secret in Corrie? Star Julia Goulding opens up

Shona Ramsey, Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Will Shona Ramsey finally tell David Platt that Kylie's killer, Clayton, is her son? The actress who plays Shona, Julia Goulding, reveals all...

The stress of hiding the secret from David Platt that she is Clayton's mother is getting to Shona and when her boy is badly hurt in a prison fight, it could be the catalyst to reveal the truth, says Corrie star Shona Ramsey.

How is Shona dealing with the secret that she is Clayton’s mum? “She has been struggling since before she even knew who David was, but now she feels like she is being pulled in loads of different directions. Then there’s Gail’s hawk-eye on her all the time. It is very stressful.”

A kind of friendship has formed between the two women, hasn’t it? “The more they are getting to know each other, the more they’re realising how much they have in common. Gail reassured Shona by saying she didn’t kill Kylie, Clayton did. They do have a genuine friendship and one that's come from a place no one expected.”

What happens when they hear Clayton has been injured in a fight at the Young Offenders’ Unit? “David initially celebrates, but then Shona finds him drunk on the cobbles where Kylie died and she is very confused about her feelings – there’s a layer of guilt, a layer of self protection but also a layer of stress from keeping this secret.”

Shona could solve this dilemma by walking out of the Street – and the Platts’ lives. . . “Yes, but she’s made a life for herself in Coronation Street now – she’s never lived within a community like it before and is settled and happy.”

 What kind of life did she have as a single mum with Clayton? “She raised him on the Dog and Gun estate until he was about 10 with absolutely no contact with his dad. But then the father got in touch and wanted to see Clayton, which Shona was totally against because he was such a bad influence. However this made Clayton want to see his dad and in the end, he left Shona and went to live with his father. This is what turned him from a sweet young lad into a killer at just 16.”

Do you think Shona should tell the truth about who she is? "The reason Shona is keeping quiet is because it’s just gone too far now and she knows the repercussions of coming clean would just be huge. But it’s always better to tell the truth."

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