Les Dennis: ‘Celebrity Big Brother was a wrong career move’

Les Dennis has talked about how worked dried up for him after he took part in Celebrity Big Brother.

The actor/comedian took part in the reality TV show in 2002, the same year that he split from second wife Amanda Holden.

And he became headline news because he spent much of his time in the house talking to the chickens and staring into space for hours on end.

"I don't have any regrets about it,” Les insists. “When I came out, I thought maybe that wasn't my greatest decision and the phone didn't ring for a while."

The phone did eventually ring when Ricky Gervais called and offered him a cameo in his TV series, Extras. He'd written "a twisted, demented version of Les Dennis".

Les said: "So every cloud... You've got to think of it that way. Everyone needs a reboot now and again.

“If I hadn't done Extras then I wouldn't have been offered the roles I've been offered on stage, and I wouldn't eventually have got here.”

“Here” is Coronation Street.

Les makes his debut in the soap on Monday, March 24, playing a burglar.

Press Association