Coronation Street actress Beverley Callard on Liz McDonald baby kidnap drama

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Coronation Street star Beverley Callard has revealed that it’s a race against time for Liz McDonald to stop Johnny Connor from abducting his granddaughter.

A Loved-up Liz McDonald gets caught up in Johnny’s bonkers baby kidnapping plot. Actress Beverley Callard has told Soaplife more…

What’s the story?

After the trouble that kicked off when Liz McDonald told lover Johnny Connor about baby Susie falling off the sofa, she’s been careful about what she says to him about his granddaughter. But there’s one thing she can’t keep quiet about…

“While Liz understands what Johnny is going through, she really does think that Susie should be with Eva,” actress Beverley Callard has told Soaplife. “She knows he’s angry with Jenny Connor for saying that, so she’s trying to be as diplomatic as she can.”

But her words fall on deaf ears, then Johnny and Susie suddenly go missing. Then Liz gets a surprise phone call…

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Coronation Street star Beverley Callard’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: Is Liz worried when Johnny and Susie go AWOL?

Beverley Callard: "Very. Johnny’s nowhere to be found and Susie disappears from her crib. Liz discovers her keys for the pub are also missing. Liz tells Kate Connor, and when Kate and Jenny search Johnny’s flat, they realise he hasn’t taken his MS Medication with him. Everyone is extremely concerned."

S: Is Liz surprised to hear from Johnny when he phones her?

BC: "Yes, but she’s glad he has called her because she’s been so worried."

S: What does she do?

BC: "She knows she has to go and see him. She thinks she’s the best person to persuade him to come back. The police are looking for him and baby Susie’s mum, Eva Price, is all over the media with her police appeal for Susie, so time is against her."

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S: What does she say when she gets to the hotel where Johnny’s hiding out?

BC: "When she gets there, he totally breaks down. He can’t bear the thought of losing his granddaughter. Liz tries to convince him he has to give himself up, but he just won’t listen."

S: Does Liz realise she’s going to get into trouble for what she is doing?

BC: "She’s in a really difficult position because she wants to help Johnny, but she knows he’s in a lot of trouble. As she has also now disappeared, Liz knows it’s only a matter of time before people put two and two together, and think she was in on it all along."

S: What are her feelings for Johnny?

BC: "While she’s had a few men in her time, Liz has never had an affair with a married man. She’s very moral, but she’s really fallen for Johnny, although she has tried to tell him she has no feelings for him to try and put a stop to it. She also feels guilty about Jenny."

S: Johnny asks her to run away with him and the baby… How does she feel?

BC: "She’s shocked when he suggests she should run away to Spain with him and they can bring up Susie together. She knows in her heart that’s just not going to be possible. But Johnny isn’t thinking straight at all…"

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