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Coronation Street will be shown a whopping seven times next week!

Coronation Street is only on three times next week – and here’s why!

Coronation Street fans get the popcorn in for three and half hours of the ITV soap...

Coronation Street fans are on for a marathon Weathefield watch next week as ITV broadcasts the soap a massive seven times!

The action kicks off with a double bill on Monday, then a Wednesday double bill, then one episode on Thursday and then a double helping on Friday. The "bonus" Thursday episode of Corrie sees Gina pouring her heart out to Dev, while Peter enters Steve’s details into a dating app and is highly amused when it suggests Steve’s perfect partner is Tracy!

The extra episode is partly to make up for Corrie fans losing out last Friday when ITV screened England's football friendly against Germany. Meanwhile, EastEnders fans won't get their normal helping from Albert Square this Friday as Children on Need is on BBC1.

ITV only went to screening six episodes a week in September, which they launched with the the double wedding of Eva Price and Aidan Connor, and Jenny Bradley and Johnny Connor.

Coronation Street originally went out just twice a week when it started on 9th December 1960. It then went to three episodes a week in October 1989 before adding a fourth weekly episode in November 1996. The addition of a fifth episode was made in October 2002.

Coronation Street will be on tomorrow at 7.30pm.