Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor on the 'bonkers' plan Toyah has for Eva's baby!

CCoronation Street’s Georgia Taylor on the 'bonkers' plan Toyah has for Eva's baby!

Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor has confessed that Toyah is about to come up with a ‘bonkers’ plan to have the baby she desperately wants...

Corrie’s Toyah has battled one heartache after another in her bid to be a mum but she spies an opportunity when Eva plans to get rid of her own baby…

What’s the story?

Toyah Battersby’s surrogate has lost her longed-for baby and Toyah is mourning alone, scared the news will be too hard to take for recovering alcoholic partner Peter Barlow.

“Toyah and Eva Price become each other’s confidants after Eva discovers she’s pregnant,” actress Georgia Taylor has told Soaplife. “Eva’s pregnancy is an accident but Toyah cares about Eva and doesn’t want her to do anything rash. So when she hears from Shona that Eva’s gone to an abortion clinic, Toyah’s hot on her heels.”

Toyah wants to be there for Eva but could it be that she has an ulterior motive…

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Georgia Taylor’s interview with Soaplife about Toyah and her 'bonkers' plan for Eva's baby...

Soaplife: What are Toyah’s thoughts as she rushes to the clinic?

Georgia Taylor: “She doesn’t have time to process what she’s going to do or how she’s going to tackle this - she just thinks she needs to be there for Eva, to make sure Eva absolutely wants this and knows what she’s doing. Eva says she doesn’t want to be a single mum but Toyah tries to say to her that lots of single parents do a brilliant job and this shouldn’t be the basis for making a decision that she can’t undo and might regret.”

S: But then Toyah has the idea that she and Peter could raise Eva’s baby as their own, with Toyah pretending it’s the surrogate’s baby!

GT: “Yes. It seems to come out of the blue, although it’s something that’s been tiptoed around in previous conversations, but neither woman has really allowed themselves to voice this potential pact.”

S: What happens exactly?

GT: “There’s a moment when Eva is waiting at the abortion clinic. They’re running late then, when the nurse comes to get Eva, I think there’s a sudden moment of adrenalin, when Toyah knows that she just has this split second to say it - and if she doesn’t then she might regret it forever.”

S: Is Eva shocked by Toyah’s proposal?

GT: “Yes, because I think there’s no denying that it’s an absolutely bonkers plan in terms of practicality and how they’ll make it work. Even as she’s saying it Toyah is trying to figure out how it would work.”

S: Toyah is keeping some pretty major secrets from Peter!

GT: “So many! But then their whole relationship has always been based on secrets and lies. If Eva agrees to Toyah’s plan, it might just be one secret too many – and the biggest lie of all. I don’t see how Peter and Toyah’s relationship could survive if the truth were to come out. It would surely be the end for them.”

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