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Leanne's pregnant in Corrie, but who's the daddy!?

Unable to keep her pregnancy secret any more, Leanne decides it's time to tell Simon – and the father

Following a one-night-stand with a mystery man, Leanne is shocked to find herself pregnant. Steph cottons on to her pal's condition, and Leanne has to come clean to Simon when he thinks there's something seriously wrong with her. So now it's time to tell the daddy. Is it you, Roy Cropper?

Hello… Leanne does her best Adele impression

Leanne's looking a bit peaky, and it's not the Bistro's food that's to blame. Steph realises that Leanne is pregnant

Worried that his mum is behaving strangely, Simon confides in Amy that he's concerned about her

He thinks Leanne is seriously ill, like his mum was before she died

Leanne reassures Simon that she's OK – just pregnant!

Leanne heads to the Rovers, but not wanting to make a scene, summons the father outside. Not make a scene in the Rovers? Whatever next?

Who will turn up to get the news? Tune in to Corrie on ITV from Monday, 18 July