Maria's attacked by a burglar in Corrie!

Caz Hammond comes to the aid of a terrified Maria Connor after she's attacked in her own home

It never rains but it pours in Weatherfield. Just ask Maria. Her love life is a mess now she has dumped Luke following her one-night fling with Aidan, who wants nothing more to do with her. But things look set to take a sinister turn when Maria arrives back home to find the door to her flat open… and a burglar lurking inside!


Maria is left bleeding and badly shaken after being attacked by the intruder

Earlier, while walking in the park with Liam, Maria is shocked to come across Caz, who's been sleeping rough

It's when Maria returns home that she walks in to be confronted by a burglar!

The thug wrestles with Maria as he tries to flee

Meanwhile, Caz calls round to Maria's place and is concerned when she finds the door open…

Entering, she finds a groggy and bleeding Maria lying on the floor

Caz immediately tends to her wounds

She then pulls out her phone…

…and reports the burglary to the police



But is there a more troubling reason behind Caz's concern for Maria? Watch her ordeal unfold on Corrie, ITV, from Monday, August 29