Will Michelle lose her baby in Corrie?

As Leanne and Michelle have a joint baby shower in the Rovers, Michelle suffers sudden pains – will her baby be OK?

The locals gather at the Rovers for the joint baby shower for mums-to-be Michelle Connor and Leanne Battersby, but will the happy occasion go well or are things about to take a turn for the worse when Michelle goes into premature labour?

When pregnant Michelle is hit by a sudden pain, is her baby in danger?

Before the baby shower celebrations begin, a concerned Michelle has an honest chat with pal Robert in the Rovers...

Michelle is frosty in her tone with Robert as she asks if he has feelings for her… And he replies with words she doesn't want to hear

Michelle's shocked when Robert confesses that he's in love with her… How will she deal with this unwelcome news?

Later, the local residents help get the baby shower celebrations under way…

With the drinking games in full swing, Audrey knocks back the shots!



But with everyone having fun and frolics, no one notices Michelle bent over in agonising pain…

Michelle is rushed to hospital to find out if the baby is okay… but there's very sad news for Michelle and Steve

Michelle and Steve are devastated to be told their baby boy has died, after she went into premature labour. How will the couple cope with such a tragedy and – with a lovelorn Robert in the background and Leanne pregnant with Steve's child – are things about to get even more complicated? Watch Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, January 9