Dancing on Ice: And the winner of the last-ever final is…Ray Quinn

(Image credit: © Matt Frost/ITV/REX)

From the moment Ray Quinn paddled across the ice on a surf board in his first dance of the last-ever final of Dancing on Ice he had the title won: he was Champion of Champions.

Wearing just a pair of board shorts and his tattoos, Ray - with partner Maria Filippova - scored a perfect 40 with the routine.

"Hoo-Ray!" shouted juge Robin Cousins. "It's one thing to have bravado but you need to be able to back it up - and you can back it up."

"If I could, it would have been an 11 from me," beamed Karen Barber.

"What's not to like?" grinned Ashley Roberts. "It was hot."

"There are people who are talented and people who are stars," said Jason Gardiner. "Ray, you are a star."

And all of that before they saw his second dance, the flamenco he danced in Week Four.

Ray and Maria carved up the ice in perfect synchronicity and Ray earned another perfect score of 40.

"Hoo-Ray! Olé!" shouted Robin Cousins.

"It was a champion's performance!" said Karen Barber.

Ashley Roberts gave Ray a standing ovation.

And Jason Gardiner? He was almost - but not quite - speechless. "I sit here in awe of what you can do," he said.

Then came the Bolero. The Torvill and Dean routine all the skaters want to skate.

And, again, Ray didn't disappoint.

"That was one of the best Boleros we have ever seen," said Karen.

"I could watch you skate all night," added Ashley.

"To go down in history as the ultimate Dancing on Ice champion? Yes, please!" said Ray at the beginning of the final.

And he made history.