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‘Kim’s a mother now and will fight for her child,’ says EastEnders' Tameka Empson

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders’ Tameka Empson tells Soaplife how Kim’s ready to fight for her man - even if that means taking on the Mitchells...

With a past murkier than the Queen Vic’s cellar during a power cut, Vincent Hubbard isn’t exactly prime husband material, but Kim doesn’t care. He’s her man, they’ve got baby Pearl and she’s determined to make a go of things, even when Donna suggests that Vincent has a thing for Ronnie.

“Kim wants to prove that she can hold down a relationship,” Tameka tells Soaplife. "She’s actually married to this guy and she wants everyone to know it.”

Where are Vincent and Kim at right now?

“They’re together, but it’s a bit rocky. However, that’s the way with all new parents - there are ups and downs and the pair of them are trying to work it out.”

What makes Kim think that Vincent is cheating?

“The pair of them are playing games and he gives her the impression that he’s going on a date. Kim’s shocked when she sees Vincent [Richard Blackwood] in the Vic with Donna – at this point she doesn’t realise they’re brother and sister. They have a row and Kim ends up lashing out in self-defence when Donna tries to run her over with her wheelchair.”

How does Vincent react?

“He drags Kim home. Literally. He scoops her up and throws her over his shoulder, which she finds really embarrassing.”

Is that why Vincent’s arrested?

“Everyone assumes that Kim made the call, but she didn’t. When he’s taken away, it makes Kim realise how much she missed Vincent and wants to be with him. She doesn’t want to be a single mum.”

Why does Kim agree to be Vincent’s alibi?

“She doesn’t really know how involved Vincent is with the disappearance of the drug dealer who was supposed to testify at Dot’s trial. He makes out it was nothing to do with him and she believes him.”

Then she finds out he’s lying…

“Kim’s showing off her husband like a trophy at her birthday party when Donna [Lisa Hammond] bursts her bubble and reveals that Vincent got rid of the drug dealer for Ronnie [Sam Womack].”

What does Kim do?

“First of all she confronts Vincent, asking him if he has feelings for Ronnie and he doesn’t like that at all. She goes to the hospital to see Ronnie. She wants to know what’s going on, but Roxy [Rita Simons] is there, too and Kim struggles to get to the truth of the matter.”  

Isn’t Kim scared of the Mitchells?

“No. She’s a mother now and will fight for her child.”

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