‘Tosh gives Tina a vicious beating!’ reveals EastEnders' Rebecca Scroggs

Tosh gets violent with Tina again… But it still may not the end for them, EastEnders’ Rebecca Scroggs tells Soaplife…

We’ve seen Tosh hit Tina before and she beats her up again because she thinks Tina has cheated on her with Sonia. And she hasn’t! “Tosh doesn’t know for sure if Tina and Sonia are having an affair,” Rebecca tells Soaplife. “But she thinks she’s seen enough. She really loses it and now everybody can see what she’s like.”

What will the Carters have to say about it when they see Tina’s bruises?

So what ignites Tosh’s violent temper this time?

“Tina [Luisa Bradshaw-White] says she’s thinking of giving Sonia some cash to help her out and Tosh is stunned. Money’s so tight for them because everything’s going towards the next set of fertility treatment, so the idea she could put Sonia first in the middle of that is just too much.”

Then Tosh sees Tina hugging Sonia…

“It’s her worst nightmare because, in that moment, she totally believes Tina’s been seeing Sonia [Natalie Cassidy] and she’s furious. She flips into thinking Tina’s definitely betrayed her and the red mist descends.”

What does Tosh do to Tina?

“She goes into a blind rage. What happens to Tina is very violent. We actually went beyond what was in the script. Tosh attacks Tina physically and verbally. She goes ballistic.”

What state is Tina in afterwards?

“She has bruises all over her body. It’s a sustained and vicious beating. It’s domestic abuse and Tosh is an abuser.”

What will the Carters make of what Tosh has done?

“Tosh is very sorry afterwards, but there’s no hiding from this. Everyone in the family is going to know what she’s done and they have a concrete reason to dislike her and keep Tina from her.”

Does Tosh think Tina will forgive her?

“She’s confident she can win Tina back, but it will be a lot harder with the family against her. There is hope for them, but this is definitely a watershed moment. Until they’ve dealt with this, they won’t be able to go any further.”

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