Will Shirley stop the wedding?

Will Shirley stop the wedding?
Will Shirley stop the wedding? (Image credit: BBC)

Is Shirley Mrs Mitchell number four... or has she jilted Phil after he cheated on her with Glenda? Soaplife speaks to EastEnders' Linda Henry to find out. We know Shirley finds out Phil lied when he looked her in the eye and said he wasn’t having an affair with Glenda... But how? "She was suspicious he wasn't telling the truth and is keeping an eye on him. When he texts to say he won't be home for lunch Jay jokes he's probably with Glenda and Shirley snaps and goes to find him. When she sees Glenda come out of Jack's flat she follows her to R&R... and Phil." What happens after she catches them? "She hears Phil telling Glenda he was just using her. She's in shock having her suspicions confirmed. But she is hurt and angry too. She feels betrayed after all she's done for Phil recently." Does she call off their wedding? "She definitely has second thoughts as anyone would finding out something like this. But beneath the hard exterior, Shirley loves Phil and love isn't black and white." Might Shirley decide to stay with Phil because the alternative is even grimmer… no home, no money? "Shirley is a strong, proud woman and wouldn't stay with someone for those reasons. She'll always manage to get back on track somehow." They've had a pretty destructive relationship up to this point with drink, drugs, cheating... Could they really change into a happily married couple? "Shirley really stood by Phil and pulled him back from the brink of his addiction when he hit rock bottom. The fact they could get over that means they have a strong relationship. It will need effort to make it work and they'll never have the perfect relationship, but neither Phil nor Shirley would want a completely quiet life."

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