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Womack: 'I came back to Enders for Maslen'

Samantha Womack has revealed she came back to EastEnders to help give Scott Maslen a proper send off.

Samantha left the soap two years ago after her character Ronnie Mitchell was at the centre of a cot death storyline which saw her swap the dead body of her son with Kat and Alfie Moon's baby.

The actress admitted the storyline left her emotionally shattered and she had to take a break.

Ronnie is returning to Albert Square after serving two years in prison for her actions.

Her return will coincide with the exit of Scott, who plays Ronnie's ex Jack Branning.

Samantha told Inside Soap magazine: "I feel a huge loyalty to Scott and it wouldn't have felt right for Jack to leave without Ronnie being there.

"We shot some of Jack's final scenes and I was just sobbing uncontrollably! Scott is great to work with and I love him so much."

The actress also revealed she loves checking out fans tributes to Ronnie and Jack's romance.

She confessed: "There are videos of Jack and Ronnie online and I secretly watch them!"

"They're really good - I get quite weepy! I felt I had to be loyal to that and come back for Jack's exit."

Scott is bowing out of the BBC series after six years in Albert Square and has his sights set on Hollywood.