Shocks and surprises at Peggy's funeral in EastEnders

It's an emotional day, with shocks and surprises, as the Mitchells say their goodbyes at matriarch Peggy's funeral

The day of Peggy Mitchell's funeral arrives and her devastated son, Phil, is struggling to keep his emotions in check. His wife, Sharon, is worried how he'll stand up under the stress and, with his sister, Sam, and Aunt Sal there for the funeral service, there are shocks and surprises to come as the day progresses.

Sam takes the opportunity to tell Jack Branning she wants him to get to know their son, Richard…Is she planning something? And how will Jack react?

Leading the pall bearers with Billy Mitchell is a heavy burden for Phil… How will he cope as the day progresses?

Phil struggles to find words as he prepares to write the eulogy for his mum's funeral service.

Sharon worries as she watches Phil struggle.

Ronnie looks on as Sharon speaks to Sam and her son, Richard, as they wait for the funeral cortege.

Onlookers pay their respects as the horse-drawn glass hearse passes The Queen Vic.

The hearse continues on its way as Peggy makes her sad final journey through Albert Square.

Phil looks to be in shock as the hearse pulls up…

Phil and Billy shoulder the burden as they lead the pall bearers carrying Peggy's coffin…

Sharon supports an unsteady Phil inside the church.

Kathy Beale, her son, Ian, Sam and Honey Mitchell wait for Phil to deliver his eulogy…

Aunt Sal has something to say to Sharon… What is it?

Sharon looks concerned… Is it something Aunt Sal said?

The Mitchell family look on as Peggy's coffin is lowered into the grave… But where's Phil?

At the wake, in The Vic, it looks as though Phil's got something to say as Sharon backs him up… Is it something everyone will want to hear?

As the wake continues, Sam makes arrangements with Jack for him to meet and get to know son Richard…

Later, Sam drops Richard off at Jack and Ronnie's place, where he meets Ronnie's daughter, Amy.

Jack struggles to make a connection with his son… then he comes up with an idea. Will it bring them closer?

Later, Sam makes a shocking confession to Roxy… How will it affect Jack and Ronnie? Watch EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, 4 July.