Charity and Cain go public in Emmerdale!

Cain Dingle and Charity surprise everyone by announcing they're officially back together in Emmerdale... How will Moira react to the development?

It's been a very bumpy ride for Charity and Cain Dingle recently but, this week, when Cain arrives back in Emmerdale after a short spell away, the fiery couple are soon back in each other's arms.

Charity, who's gone out of her way to lure Cain back by making him jealous, is delighted to be reunited with her ex hubby and is like the cat who got the cream when he later goes public with their relationship.

Charity may be full of the joys, but what about Moira? How will she react when she hears the pair are officially back together?


Earlier in the week Charity and Ross do a dodgy money-making scam together and Ross leans in for a kiss!

Charity is happy to respond until she suddenly catches sight of a police car with Cain in it!

It appears Cain's been a naughty boy and has been picked up for being drunk and disorderly! Tut tut.

While Cain's been away Moira's solicitor has been busy sending letters. Cain's not happy about it...

Holly wades in and sticks up for her mum.

But a grumpy Cain is in no mood to listen to Holly and quickly sends her packing.

Meanwhile Charity has pretended to Cain that she's in a relationship with Ross knowing he'll be riddled with jealousy. Sure enough he is, but when she later confesses she was lying just to wind him up, the pair have an emotional heart-to-heart and end up kissing passionately. When Charity has a spring in her step the next morning, Chas knows something has happened between them.

Charity quizzes the pair and at first Cain denies that they're back together, but later on he has a change of heart.

When he overhears Brenda gossiping about him and Charity he decides it's time everyone knew the truth.

He announces that he and Charity are an item again, much to the shock and surprise of everyone in The Woolpack. Ross is not very impressed but how will Moira react when she learns that Cain's moved on and Charity's finally got want she wanted? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday, September 26