Charity sets a honey trap for Bailey in Emmerdale

When Charity discovers Bailey has a history of cheating on his wife, she comes up with a plan in Emmerdale...

Ever since her tangled affair with Bailey came to light, Charity's been feeling very protective about Belle. She's worried the teen is in way too deep and her fears increase when she has a conversation with Bailey's wife, Angie, and discovers he's cheated on her before.

The doc certainly has a terrible track record so is Belle being a fool for putting all her trust in him? Charity decides to test Bailey's commitment to Belle by trying to seduce him herself!

Will Bailey be tempted by Charity's brazen attempts to make him stray?


Charity sets out to seduce Bailey to test his resolve. Will the doc fall into her trap?

Earlier, Belle, who's lied to Bailey that she's carrying his child to make him stay in Emmerdale, braces herself to do a pregnancy test.

But will she get the result she's desperately hoping for? Having already lied, has she managed to get pregnant for real?

Meanwhile, when Charity discovers Bailey is a serial cheat she decides to put him to the test.

She gets him over to her house under false pretences where she appears at the door half dressed!

Will cheater Bailey fall for Charity's charms? Or is Belle the only girl for him? Watch Emmerdale from Monday, 11, July.