‘Aaron realises his stepmum knew about the abuse all along!' says Emmerdale’s Danny Miller

Aaron’s reported his abusive father to the police in Emmerdale – but he’s still living in fear, Danny Miller tells Soaplife...

How have Aaron’s family reacted to the news of his abuse?

“They couldn’t be more supportive. Like true Dingles they are all sticking by him and they want to help. However, it is not as simple as that.”

What’s the problem in Aaron’s eyes?

“For a start, he doesn’t have a lot of faith in the justice system and if Gordon [Gary Mavers] gets off, Aaron will forever be thought of as a liar.”

How does Robert help?

“He tracks down Aaron’s stepmother Sandra [Joanne Mitchell – wife of Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy] – Aaron used to live with her and Gordon.  She has changed her name and Aaron wonders why. Aaron hopes that she will back him up.”

Is he nervous about confronting Sandra?

“Yes, because if she says ‘no’ the case will be ruined because he’s gone round there to try and get a witness.”

What happens when he bumps into his sister Liv?

“Robert [Ryan Hawley] and Aaron are in the park when this girl steals Aaron’s wallet – it is his half-sister Liv, who is there when they go to Sandra’s house. Liv doesn’t know why Aaron is there and he doesn’t want to tell her.”

What is Liv like?

“She is a little bit naughty, a mirror image of Aaron when he was her age – not listening to mum and answering back.”

How do things go with Sandra?

“She is shocked at seeing Aaron and he can tell she’s nervous. Aaron realises that she knew about the abuse all along and she’s worried that she could go to prison for not reporting it. It all goes a bit wrong because Aaron gets aggressive and grabs hold of Sandra in frustration. What breaks his heart is that Liv sees this and hears what is being said.”

But Aaron is given hope…

“The police explain that a new male victim has come forward – he is relieved that it’s not Liv. This means that people might believe Aaron now that they can see that Gordon is a monster.”

Emmerdale, ITV