Chas learns she has a half-sister!

Chas learns she has a half-sister!
Chas learns she has a half-sister!

Chas gets the shock of her life when she finds out her dad's got a secret daughter, reveals Emmerdale's Lucy Pargeter! Chas finds out she has a younger half-sister. Who tells her?

"Laurel breaks the news." Laurel? How comes she knows about it?

"Laurel and Shadrach have become very close since baby Daniel died... Shadrach was Daniel's godfather. He confides about his secret daughter to Laurel who insists he tell Chas." So why doesn't he?

"Shadrach just can't bring himself to do it. He keeps bottling out so in the end Laurel does it for him." How does Chas react?

"She's shocked, angry and confused. She had absolutely no idea that her dad cheated on her mum and had a baby with another woman when she and Cain were little." Does Chas have a go at Shadrach?

"She's all ready to, but he's in such a state that she gives him a hug instead. He's more upset than she's ever seen him before. Chas is bewildered by it all, but her number one priority is Shadrach. She tells him they'll look for Genesis - Gennie - his daughter and her sister, together." How do they know where to start?

"Shadrach was madly in love with Gennie's mum Shirley and they'd planned to run away together so he remembers absolutely everything - the time and date she was born and at which hospital." What happened to Shirley?

"She died in childbirth and Shadrach felt he had no choice but to have Gennie adopted. Chas and Shadrach go to an adoption agency with all the information and it turns out Gennie's been trying to track down her birth dad - him." How does Chas feel?

"Surprised it's happened so quickly and excited about meeting this new sister." And Shadrach?

"He's having second thoughts. He says he's been a bad father and a failure in life - Gennie's bound to be disappointed when she meets him. Chas tells him no matter what's happened in the past, Gennie deserves to know her dad and he deserves to know her." Is Chas looking forward to having a sister?

"Yes, but it will be strange. Chas has never had a sister. She's very curious about Gennie... like, will she be a typical Dingle?!"

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