'Daddy!' Will Cain finally accept his responsibilities to Kyle in Emmerdale?

Cain has wanted nothing to do with young son, Kyle, since the boy returned to Emmerdale village with his adoptive grandmother, Joanie, earlier this year.

But Cain has now saved Kyle from two close calls with death, and his family are convinced Cain does care for Kyle deep down... and it's only a matter of time before Cain accepts Kyle as his son.

However, at the moment Cain isn't happy his wife, Moira, wants to spend more time with Kyle, making him feel uncomfortable in his own home. Joanie's annoyed that Kyle now knows Cain is his dad, after the way Cain has treated them in the past. But Cain's dad, Zak, thinks it's a good thing and soon Cain will face up to his responsibilities.


After Moira receives a phonecall and hurries off to the hospital to visit Vanessa's baby, Johnny, Cain is left to look after Kyle by himself. Later, when he takes Kyle back home to the Dingles at Wishing Well Cottage, he's thrown when Kyle calls him 'Daddy'. Will Cain's guilt over his denial of Kyle get the better of him?

Cain's daughter, Debbie, finds him sitting alone outside the Dingle house after an argument with Zak over his responsibility to Kyle. Cain didn't want Kyle in the first place, after a one-night stand with Kerry's then-teenage daughter, Amy. But now Kyle's biological grandmother, Kerry, told Kyle the truth about who Cain is, what will he do?


With the rest of his family pressuring him to take an interest in Kyle, Cain and Debbie have a heart-to-heart about what's going on. Why is Cain so scared to step up and be a dad to Kyle? Can he really live in the same village as the son he pretends doesn't exist?


Debbie, who has had plenty of problems with children of her own over the years, attempts to offer Cain some advice. But will Debbie's words of wisdom encourage Cain to embrace his role as Kyle's dad?

Find out in Emmerdale from Monday, October 5 on ITV.