Daz is unhappy to be back in Emmerdale – unlike me! reveals Mark Jordon

Daz Spencer, Kerry Wyatt, Emmerdale

Daz helped to wreck his brother Dan's wedding to Kerry Wyatt when he was in the village three years ago… is he about to come between them again?

After the trouble he caused last time, it’s a wonder that Daz Spencer dares show his face in Emmerdale.

“He’s got himself into a real pickle and is desperate to make a fresh start,” actor Mark Jordon told Soaplife. And one of the first people he runs into is Kerry…

Why is Daz back in the village? “He’s been sleeping rough and comes into the village in Harriet’s bible bus for a 'helping the homeless' day.”

What makes him seek out Kerry? “He doesn’t. He tries to hide when he sees her, but she spots him and takes him in. She convinces him to have a haircut and offers him some food. She also asks Bernice if he can stay over at the salon. He is very grateful, but also feels humiliated by his situation. He was on such a high when he turned up last time and now he feels quite exposed.”

Does he want to see Dan? “No, he asks Kerry not to let Dan know he’s in the village. His last visit went badly – he kissed Kerry and had a massive fall-out with Dan. He is trying to avoid him until he is in a better position to make up for what happened last time round.”

Surely Dan will be furious if he finds Kerry has helped Daz behind his back? “Yes, Daz is aware that Dan wouldn’t be comfortable with the situation.”

Do you think the brothers can ever make up? “Daz is at a point where he wants to make up for some of his wrong doings. He wants to try and regroup with his family. He is determined to get off the streets and make a fresh start. He wants to prove to Dan that he is a good man at heart and really hopes that they can have a relationship.”

Why have you come back to Emmerdale, Mark? “Daz is one of my favourite characters in my history as an actor and I love being at Emmerdale. There are people on the crew that I worked with when I did Heartbeat. I keep bumping into people I haven’t seen for 10 years. They asked me if I was interested in fleshing out Daz’s character and that really appealed to me.”

Are you enjoying working with Laura Norton, who plays Kerry? “Laura is my girlfriend now and my best mate, so it’s been a joy.”