Debbie chooses good guy Pete, but wants bad boy Ross, says Emmerdale's Charley Webb

Debbie really is torn between two lovers, Emmerdale’s Charley Webb tells Soaplife… And she reveals a shocking secret when Emma tries to interfere.

Debbie’s definitely her mother’s daughter. Charity likes the bad boys and Debbie can’t resist them, either. You’d think she’d want a lot less drama in her life after killer Cameron and yet she’s still drawn to Ross… They even share another 'moment' just before she gets engaged to Pete. No wonder Ross is jealous.

“Pete gives Debbie a sense of security,” says Charley. “But Ross is the excitement.”

Tell us about this 'moment' that Ross (Michael Parr) and Debbie have...

“They’re hiding in a hotel room. Ross has stolen some money and dragged Debbie into it. Debbie’s furious as she thinks they’re going to a breakdown and they end up in a hotel room. They get to a point where it could just happen, but Ross blows it because he gets a little bit too serious with her. Debbie snaps back to reality and thinks, ‘What am I doing? This is wrong’.”

Is that why she tells everyone that Emma tried to smother Ross as a baby?

“No. Debbie and Emma [Gillian Kearney] don’t get on. Debbie’s seen Emma watching Chas a lot and thinks it’s weird. Emma tries to play Debbie, saying: ‘You think you’ve got Pete [Anthony Quinlan] where you want him, but you haven’t’. Debbie loses it and goes for her. When Emma suggests Debbie’s not a good mum, it’s the final straw and the Ross secret just comes out of her mouth.”

So why does Debbie get engaged to Pete?

“After the hotel incident with Ross, Debbie’s very confused about her feelings. It was easy to forget about Ross when he was with Donna. In the hotel, Debbie sees what her feelings for Ross are and it scares her. She thinks, ‘I need to make a decision now’ and decides that Pete’s what she’s looking for, he’s the whole package. She thinks if she proposes to Pete, she can’t make a mess of things by going for Ross.”

Will her feelings for Ross vanish?

“Absolutely not. They’re right there and she’s trying to fight them.”

So, lots of drama to come?

“Yes. I’ve had quite a lot of time off and now I’m right back into it. What’s great is that there is so much to explore with Ross and Debbie.”

Who should Debbie pick?

“As far as viewers are concerned it’s 50/50. The ones who want her to be happy think she should stay with Pete and the ones who want it to be more exciting say Ross. I love reading the feedback and seeing what people think.”

Emmerdale, ITV.