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Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White's fate is revealed!

Emmerdale, Rebecca White

Having vanished from the village following her shock confrontation with her killer nephew Lachlan, it appears Rebecca is still alive...for now.

Rebecca White hasn't been seen in the village since she caught her killer nephew Lachlan White trying to murder Rebecca's ex, Robert Sugden and teenager Liv Flaherty via a deadly gas leak a few weeks ago.

Rebecca's lover Ross Barton and friends including Lydia Barton have all been fooled into thinking party girl Rebecca is off largin' it in Ibiza, after Lachlan began sending fake text messages to himself from "Rebecca".

But Lachlan's shifty behaviour suggests he's been up to no good again, and we all suspected Rebecca had become Lachlan's next murder victim, since he already caused the deaths of mum Chrissie and granddad Lawrence in a shock car crash earlier this year.

Emmerdale, Rebecca White

(Picture: ITV)

However, maybe Lachlan does have a heart after all, as at the end of tonight's double-bill of Emmerdale it was revealed Lachlan is holding Rebecca captive in a wooden chalet out in the woods!

She's alive for now. But since Rebecca now knows her nasty nephew's killer secret, could her days be numbered?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV