Emmerdale's Dominic Brunt reveals Paddy portrays his mistress Tess as unstable to Rhona

Paddy hoped it was all over when he ended his affair with Tess… but now she's turning bunny boiler and he knows if she tells, it could wreck his marriage. Emmerdale's Dominic Brunt reveals Paddy's fears to Soaplife.

What makes Paddy realise that Tess might not have accepted their affair is over?

"He finds out Tess [Nicola Stephenson] has been crying at school. It rattles him because he does care for her, but the selfish part of him thinks 'I hope she doesn't say anything.' He's beginning to wish he never started the affair. Tess has got emotionally attached and Paddy now thinks it was a silly mistake."

How does he react when Rhona tells him she's spoken to Tess?

"He panics. Rhona [Zoe Henry] explains that Tess confided in her and revealed she has been seeing a married man and plans to move to the village. If she's doing that, Paddy believes it's only a matter of time before his marriage could be over."

What happens when Tess turns up at his door?

"He's freaked out… Rhona could have seen her. He says 'Come in, you've got five minutes', and things don't go well. They have a massive row and Tess smashes a glass against the wall."

Does Paddy think Tess will now reveal their affair?

"He's terrified that Tess is going to tell Rhona about the affair. Then he finds out that Rhona has agreed to meet up with Tess who is upset."

What does he do?

"He tells Rhona that Tess is unstable. He explains that she tried it on with Marlon [Mark Charnock] even though she's married."

Would Paddy ever take Tess back?

"He is tempted to call her to make sure she is okay, but he has decided as far as the affair is concerned, that's it. The adoption is the chance for Paddy and Rhona to have a new chapter together."

Do you think Rhona would forgive Paddy if she found out?

"I think Paddy would like to think that if he poured his heart out, she might say 'I didn't realise you were going through all of this' and help him through his misery. Personally, I am not sure she will be so understanding!"

Emmerdale, ITV