Emmerdale's Kelvin Fletcher: Lawrence orders Andy to be beaten, then has a heart attack!

Andy’s secret affair with Chrissie becomes a dangerous liaison when Lawrence gets the wrong end of the stick. Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher reveals why he's heading for hospital to Soaplife...

Things turn violent when Lawrence thinks Andy’s sleeping with Bernice, right?

“Yes. Andy is badly beaten up by Lawrence’s heavies, but he understands why he went to those lengths.”

How does Andy react after Lawrence has him beaten up?

“He wishes that Lawrence [John Bowe] had been patient and given him a chance to come clean about the relationship. I don’t think Lawrence intends for Andy to get as badly hurt as he does. Lawrence isn’t there at the time and Andy makes the first move in self-defence when the heavies confront him. Lawrence feels dreadful when he sees Andy in hospital.”

What does Lawrence do?

“He tries to pay him, but Andy says that he wants [Lawrence] to come clean to Bernice [Samantha Giles] and Chrissie.”

And he does…and has a heart attack!

“Yes. He is having a row with Chrissie [Louise Marwood], who accuses him of being just like Robert because of what he’s done to Andy.”

Is Andy seeing Chrissie to get back at Robert?

“No, there is no smugness there. Had it been the other way round, Robert [Ryan Hawley] would have loved it, but Andy is not like that. He didn’t set out to be with Chrissie, it just happened and he thinks a great deal of her. Love blossomed. They are in similar positions as they have both been hurt by the same person – Robert.”

Is Andy intimidated by Chrissie’s wealth?

“It does bother him. He is quite an insecure character. He does wonder why Chrissie would even look twice at him as he is just a farmhand who is helping out on the estate."

Is it time that Andy lost the ‘Katie Forever’ tattoo.

“That would be nice – I have to have it stamped on my arm every time I have to do a scene with no sleeves.”

Would Andy ever move into Home Farm?

“I think he would love it, although he’d be well out of his comfort zone. He’s generally happy living in his little caravan as long as he has got food and a copy of Farmer’s Weekly.”

Emmerdale, ITV