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Nicola Stephenson on shock Emmerdale affair: 'I don't think people will hate Tess' (VIDEO)

Emmerdale's vet Paddy Kirk is a guilty man since his one-night stand with Tess, a married woman he met in a bar while out on the town with Marlon. But soap newcomer Nicola Stephenson (Tess) thinks fans will forgive her once they know her...

Former Brookside star Nicola told What's on TV: “I don’t think people will hate Tess as she does come across as a really nice person. This has happened to two people who would seemingly never do this. Hopefully it will make the audience feel very uneasy in their own relationships. This could happen to anybody.”

To ease his troubled conscience, Paddy is paying extra attention to his wife, Rhona, hoping she won't notice his shifty behaviour. But Paddy's set to get a shock when Tess unexpectedly turns up in the village on Bonfire Night!

“Paddy's made a few mistakes in the past, but nothing quite like this, which has thrown the character out of kilter," said Dominic. "People will be thinking, ‘No, don’t do that. You’ve got a wife and a child. Why are you doing it?’ But I love it... he can't always be a saint."

But with Tess set to be in the village for a while after landing a job as teaching assistant to Paddy's stepson, Leo, how long will Paddy and Tess be able to keep their guilty secret from Rhona?

Watch the video interview with Dominic and Nicola to find out more about the village's surprise new affair. "]

Paddy gets a shock when Tess turns up in the village in Emmerdale on Wednesday, November 4 on ITV.