Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley: Robert puts Liv’s life in danger!

Robert Sugden, Aaron Dingle, Emmerdale

Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley reveals Robert Sugden's ruthless ambition puts Liv's life on the line when she drinks drugged brandy meant for Lawrence White…

Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley has talked to Soaplife about how Robert's ruthless ambition risks Liv's life.

What's the story?

Robert Sugden has gone from loved-up guy, to the cold, conniving and ruthless chancer he always used to be thanks to his break up with Aaron Dingle. He has his eye on Home Farm, but his plan has terrible consequences when Aaron’s sister Liv drinks some of Lawrence White’s drugged brandy and ends up in hospital. “She is in a critical condition,” actor Ryan Hawley told Soaplife. “Robert has enough on his conscience and this is another stab to his heart.” Will Liv pull through?

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Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley's Soaplife Interview

Soaplife: Why is Robert so determined to control Home Farm?

Ryan Hawley: "He’s very ambitious. He was happy all the while his relationship with Aaron was keeping him occupied. Now that has broken down, what is there for him? He wants to make something for himself, to make him feel he is worth something. He wants power. Perhaps he thinks it will make Aaron like him again.”

S: How does Liv come to have a run-in with Robert and Rebecca?

RH: "Liv goes up to Home Farm to have a go at Rebecca about the pregnancy. What she says puts Robert in an awkward position between the mother of his unborn child and the sister of his former lover. He feels horrible that he betrayed Aaron and Liv, but what she says is incriminating and might cause Rebecca to ask questions.”

S: What happens next?

RH: "Liv storms off with Robert’s car keys and Lawrence’s brandy. Robert finds her passed out and it doesn’t look good. She is rushed to hospital.”

S: What happens when Aaron shows up?

RH: “He is devastated as his sister might be dying. The doctor thanks Robert for telling him about the Diazepam in the brandy and Aaron puts two and two together – he knows that Robert had the drug and realises he is responsible for Liv’s condition. Aaron says he will kill him if she doesn’t pull through.”

S: What does Robert think when he hears the doctor wants to give Lawrence a blood test?

RH: “He is worried that somebody will work out that he has spiked Lawrence’s brandy. You’ll have to tune in and see if Robert can slither his way out of that one.”

S: Does he want to get back with Aaron?

RH: "Yes, but he feels as if Aaron has abandoned the idea. He has been very firm about them being through, so Robert has given up all hope of them getting back together.”

S: Do you think Robert will be a good dad?

RH: "It would be nice to see him in a paternal relationship as all his flaws and need to gain power, stem from the fact that he had a difficult relationship with his father. I would like to see him make up for what he didn’t have.”