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Aaron is rushed to hospital! (VIDEO)

Having found out his mum is seeing Gordon, Aaron is fuming. But when he confronts Chas and demands she cut all ties with his dad, the barmaid does her best to try to talk her son round. But Aaron’s not having any of it and while Chas thinks she’s got through to him, he’s actually planning to leave the village and get away from the situation.

When he runs into Robert, it turns out to be a blessing in disguise as Aaron ends up collapsing. Robert soon works out his ex has been self-harming again and has a bad infection. Later, tucked up in hospital, Aaron whispers a secret to Robert…

While Rakesh is hoping his son will forgive his betrayal – which saw him forge a DNA test to dupe Adam into thinking he was baby Johnny’s dad instead of Kirin – Kirin isn’t on the same page. In fact, he wants to report his lawyer father to the police! Vanessa, however, has other ideas.

With the adoption plans back on track, Paddy is hoping all the drama in his life is going to calm down. His wife, Rhona, is happier and still has no idea he’s been cheating on her with Tess. Marlon, too, is none the wiser about his best friend’s affair. So when Tess asks Marlon out, he has no idea he’s putting his foot in it when he tells Paddy!

Is Tess trying to make her secret lover jealous?