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Aidan and Eva are back together (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Carla arrives at the factory to help fix the O'Driscoll mess while Eva overhears Sally and Beth blaming her do-gooding for their predicament. Eva arrives at the factory to help Aidan drum up business and successfully sets up a meeting with Hanlon for next week. Aidan’s impressed and they kiss passionately, reunited at last.

As Todd and Bethany sit with Sarah, the mood is soured by the arrival of Marion, following a tip-off by Gemma. Enraged, Sarah throws her out and Bethany starts to worry that Callum might show up now that Marion's in the know. Todd tells David and Kylie about Sarah's extreme reaction to Marion while Sarah announces she's calling the baby Harry.

Michael arrives at No.8 with a gift for the baby and Gail hopes to change his mind when he announces he's thinking of leaving Weatherfield.

Sally nags Tim to creosote their garden fence and, when Tim moans to Tyrone, he offers to do it for him. Michelle is packing to visit Steve in Spain so Carla suggests a farewell drink later.