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Alia lies to Ruhma

Ruhma Hanif in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC)

Ruhma Hanif is worried about Alia's behaviour...

Alia lies to Ruhma when she asks what’s wrong, but tells Shak they need to tell their Mom the truth. However, Shak reveals he’s tracked down their father’s family business in Coventry! It’s run by their father’s brother, and Shak decides to call him. Zaroon is amazed to hear from them and immediately they agree to meet up, and then he can talk to their Dad.

Karen is stressed as she tries to get an emergency appointment with her GP, to no avail. When Rob arrives, he is thrown when Karen reveals that Zara is going to do it for them. Karen and Rob view this as a box ticking appointment, but Zara brings up Karen’s recent medical history. Later, she tells Karen that she thinks they should make an appointment with their consultant, to really make sure they are covered for fostering – in fact she’s already called them – they’re booked in.

Jimmi has to deal with a fraught marriage, and discovers that the problem might be closer to home than the couple think.