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Amy Williams' past comes back to haunt her

Amy Williams in Neighbours

Amy Williams' former boss threatens her

Amy is thrown when her old boss, Ryan, crops up again and she firmly tells him to get lost. Amy confides in Aaron that Ryan runs a cleaning agency employing women to clean in their lingerie – and she worked for him when she was desperate for cash. Aaron fronts Ryan and warns him off. But Ryan is desperate – he needs Amy’s help to save his business. Off her refusal, he threatens to reveal her past to Jimmy and her friends but Amy still sends him on his way.

A worried Mark tells Toadie that Paul might take legal action against him for wrongful imprisonment and that he’s convinced Steph doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Meanwhile, Steph tells Amy that Mark wants to break up with her. With such obvious crossed wires, the couple are forced to question what they want from each other.