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Andy and Charlotte act the couple

After Leah leaves, Charlotte thanks Andy for covering for her and says that she has ended her affair with Matt. When Leah arrives home, she tells Zac about the new couple leaving them both perplexed at the pairing. Later, Charlotte receives another mysterious phone call and tells the caller she 'misses them', while looking a baby photo.

The teens continue to argue about the bedroom arrangements, so Nate decides to head out and is offered a room at Irene's house. Nate moves into Irene's house, leaving Leah, Zac and the teens to plan a BBQ to celebrate the twins' arrival. Zac, Evie and Oscar bump into Hannah and there is a tentative reconciliation and Zac also tells Hannah that Andy has moved on.

Hannah congratulates Andy on his new relationship, leaving him feeling awkward, as he makes his way to Leah's BBQ with Charlotte. At the BBQ, Matt and Charlotte come face to face and Matt threatens her with inappropriate pictures on his phone but Evelyn sees everything.