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Animal Park Summer Special - BBC1

Kate Humble meets a koala

In Animal Park Summer Special, Kate Humble and Ben Fogle are back at Longleat Safari Park

Summer wouldn't be Summer without a visit to Longleat to get the lowdown on the safari park’s furry, feathery and scaly residents!

As the gates open once more, there’s a buzz in the air due to the arrival of five gorgeous Southern koalas from Adelaide.

But have the keepers selected the right variety of eucalyptus to satisfy the appetites of their fussy new charges?

Meanwhile young male lion Harry is preparing to head up a new pride, but will he cut the mustard?

Ben Fogle

Co-presenter Ben Fogle

And as Ben Fogle helps the white rhinos cool down, Kate Humble sets the sea lions a challenge and Jean Johansson tests the wolves’ remarkable sense of smell with zebra poo!

There's also a shocking tragedy and some really unexpected developments. As Kate told TV Times, "Who needs Killing Eve?! You don’t have to come up with jeopardy or love interests, it’s all there. There’s something this time I can’t reveal but it made me think, ‘That was worth getting out of bed for!’ Fantastic stuff surprises us every year."

And Ben gave us an insight into what keeps him excited about the show. "Apart from the koalas, which are magical, today I’ve also seen at least three other animals I’d never encountered before, like the Cuban crocodile, the American porcupine and I hadn’t even heard of the potoroo [a small marsupial]."

Continues all week.

TV Times rating: *****