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Anthony and Trish reveal their true colours

(Image credit: BBC)

Zara and Daniel arrive for dinner at Anthony's house, where they meet his wife Trish. The foursome bond over their grand plans for the future of The Mill but, as the wine flows, Anthony and Trish begin to show their true colours. Trish talks spitefully about Mrs Tembe, and when Anthony doesn't contradict her, Zara steps in to Mrs Tembe's defence.

Heston catches up with an old friend over dinner, but their evening is curtailed by an unexpected guest. The current boyfriend of Heston's old flame turns up and accuses them of having an affair.  However, Heston manages to resolve the misunderstanding and advises his friend to consider settling down with her lover or risk losing him.

Meanwhile, Sid, Al and Jimmi compete in a pub quiz. Al and Sid show their competitive side, but a distracted Jimmi surprises them by revealing his dislike of Anthony. The boys squabble when Sid complains that Al cost them first prize by getting drunk.