Antiques Roadshow - BBC1

The Antiques Roadshow with some of their finds
(Image credit: BBC Studios / Jessica Hud)

Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team are in Dover in search of memorabilia from World War Two

Sunday sees a special edition of the Antiques Roadshow.

It's coming from the Dover Castle in Kent, where this Norman castle is the venue for a programme marking 80 years since the start of World War Two.

Fiona Bruce and Ray Palmer

Fiona meets 95-year-old Ray Palmer

The conflict is commemorated through personal items and family mementoes.

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These include a photo album belonging to an Austrian soldier, which illustrates the meeting between then-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler in 1938.

And Fiona Bruce meets 95-year-old Ray Palmer, who was both child evacuee and, later, a soldier, which makes him something of a rarity.

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