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Ayesha Lee and Seb kiss

Ayesha Lee in Neighbours
(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha Lee throws caution to the wind and kisses Seb

Mrs Tembe holds a meeting about the sugar ban and, when Ayesha Lee blurts out that Emma had a relapse at the weekend, Emma has a stern word with her. At least they are all trying to give up something bad for them unlike Ayesha who is avoiding something good – like Seb. At The Icon, Emma is surprised to see Ayesha has taken her earlier words to heart...

Also, Miranda is recently divorced but pregnant and her ex-husband Jeremy is threatening to tell the board she is no longer capable of running their company. At work, she becomes stressed when she and Jeremy get into a huge row. Once he has gone, Miranda starts eating soil from the office plants! What's going on?