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Ayesha meets an admirer

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

In a local pub, Ayesha sees Jackson walk in with Dion and he's soon laying on the charm with Ayesha. Jackson tells Dion to pay for the drinks, but Dion is nearly caught by Karen when he drops some stolen credit cards on the floor. When Jackson gets home, his partner Leah asks him where he has been but Jackson grabs her. Later, Ayesha gets a text from Jackson as Leah lays on the floor with a bruise on her face. 

Anthony invites Daniel to a wine tasting, so Daniel spreads the word but Heston tells him he has a date with Ruhma. At the wine school, Daniel congratulates Anthony on winning Al over and creating a sense of unity within their group. 

Meanwhile, Heston and Ruhma are having a great time on their date as their hands touch across the table. As they leave the restaurant, Heston tells Ruhma he's glad he didn't go to the wine tasting after all.