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Ayesha tries to help Bren conquer her addiction

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Ayesha asks Jimmi's advice about which rehab clinic is best but Jimmi warns her that, in order to do rehab, the patient has to really, really want to change. Ayesha rings the rehab centre and manages to get Bren on the waiting list. The only snag is, there's a minimum wait of six months. She goes to tell Bren the good news – and finds her legless!

Debs and Ayesha work together to sober Bren up – Debs jests that it's just like old times but Ayesha doesn't see the funny side. Ayesha tells Bren about the rehab place but Bren clearly has no intention of quitting the booze. Ayesha feels disheartened, but reassures Debs that she's not alone with it anymore. However tough it gets, Ayesha is going to be at her side - they're in this together. With that, the two sisters hug.

Also, Ruhma helps a mother-to-be who is terrified of losing her baby.