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Back in Time for School – BBC2

Back in Time for School - BBC2
(Image credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Duncan Stingemo)

Sara Cox presents Back in Time for School, which sees 15 teenagers and three teachers embark on a time-travelling adventure through 100 years of education history, beginning in the Victorian era

A group of today’s kids get a lesson in Victorian education in a new series of Back in Time for School

A group of 15 teenagers travel back in time to see how education has changed over the past 100 years.

In this series hosted by Sara Cox, the pupils begin in the Victorian era when only four per cent of children their age would still be in school.

Back in Time for School

Sara Cox and her volunteers pupils and staff

In 1895, most children left at 11 to work. The discipline, uniform and structure of the day are a bit of a shock, as is the view about the superiority of the British Empire and how girls were taught sewing and bed-making, while the boys studied science, Latin and shooting (though the suffragette who teaches the girls Jiu Jitsu in 1913 is pretty awesome).

School dinners come as a bit of a shock, too: ‘It’s like off Cocoa Pops in sick,’ says one pupil about her tapioca. Charming!

TV Times rating: ****