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Bart McQueen's back in Hollyoaks!

Jonny Clarke plays Bart McQueen in Hollyoaks

The McQueen bad boy returns to Hollyoaks village - and he's got a secret...

Nana McQueen returns to the village and has brought Bart McQueen with her. They're both there for Celine's funeral later in the week. But it seems Bart is hiding something…

Meanwhile, Lisa's guilt about her affair with Mac causes her to lash out at Nathan, leaving him confused. Ellie finds a hospital letter belonging to Marnie, and Lisa overhears them talking about Marnie's alleged brain tumour. Later, Nathan surprises Lisa by proposing, but unaware of Lisa and Mac's affair, is he on the road to heartbreak?

Pregnant Myra goes to the hospital alone. Myra confides in Sally that she’s scared of being a single parent again – has Sally got an idea?

Also, Nick's ego is dented when Zack says he’s under the thumb with Holly. She overhears Nick being disrespectful about her to Zack – how will she react?