Bear’s Mission with Rob Brydon

Bear's Mission with Rob Brydon Friday 3rd November
(Image credit: Betty TV)

Comedian Rob Brydon tries to keep smiling on a trek across Snowdonia

The comedian tries to keep smiling on a trek across Snowdonia.

Last time Rob Brydon went on a boys’ holiday, he was eating his way round Spain with Steve Coogan in The Trip.

This trip is slightly less jolly, however. ‘If I have to die anywhere – Wales,’ says an apprehensive Rob while waiting for Bear Grylls to arrive and teach him how to survive in wet and windy Snowdonia.

After a 30ft jump from a helicopter into a freezing lake, Rob and Bear trek over the Welsh mountains, abseil 200ft into a sink hole, into which Bear drops their food and supplies – leaving Rob with no choice but to go down – and spend the night camped out on an exposed hillside.

Despite all the hardship, Rob, as you’d expect, makes an entertaining companion for Bear and keeps his spirits high.

Not showing in Scotland.