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Ben discovers Abi's baby lie!

Abi is on the edge as Louise continues to try to blackmail her into leaving Walford with Ben. When offering cash to Louise doesn't work, Abi turns to Babe, who thinks telling Ben the truth is the only option. When Abi finds Ben and Louise arguing, she assumes that Louise has spilled the beans. Admitting she faked the pregnancy, Abi is horrified when it's clear Ben had no idea...

Later, Abi finds a drunk Ben at the karaoke night in the Vic, arguing with Louise over Phil's stolen credit card. Furious with Louise, Ben tries to flush Louise's head down the toilet, but she fights back. When Ben finds Abi and starts to kiss her, Abi is hopeful that Ben has forgiven her. Instead, he drags her out into the bar and reveals her lie to everyone.

Mick and Sharon plot to host a karaoke night in the Vic to cheer up a miserable Linda. Realising it will take more than just a blast on the karaoke machine, Mick makes a secret call. Although dismissive when Mick mentions the karaoke, Linda soon agrees she needs to let her hair down. Linda is delighted by a big surprise, however, when Johnny walks into the Vic!