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Bianca regrets her drunken pass at Zac

But does Zac wish he'd taken things further with Bianca?

Bianca feels terrible about her attempt to kiss Zac, so she decides to clear her conscious by telling Heath the truth. Will Heath be able to keep his temper under control and not lash out? Later, Bianca and Heath's world comes crashing down with an unfriendly knock at the door…

Meanwhile, Leah is determined to make things right with Zac so she organises a romantic meal to celebrate their anniversary. Will the couple have a great time - or will Zac spoil things and tell Leah that he nearly kissed Bianca?

Matt and Evelyn are acting awkward around each other, so Matt decides to take matters into his own hands and tells Evelyn how he feels. The pair manage to get a moment alone, but are interrupted. Will they ever get their romance rolling?